Monday, January 12, 2009

Bankers can party?

Saturday night, Michael and I attended my work Winter Party. We aren't trying to be politically correct (we used to have a Christmas Party). Last year, the date was moved to January, and since it seems extremely silly to call it a Christmas Party in January, it is now deemed a Winter Party.

The past two years I've been on the planning committee. Basically, my main job duty is getting the table decorations in order. I get a little particular on the details, but my fellow committee members are wonderful about not getting their feelings hurt when I tell them that you can't have bright red streamers at an "elegant" styled event. It just won't fly.

The evening begins with a short social time for people to chit-chat with co-workers and spouses and locate a table to sit at for the evening. We then enjoy a buffet dinner with some sort of yummy dessert to follow. After dinner, the bank executives have a short program which includes announcing the Employee of Year. (no, I didn't sad). Once the program is wrapped up, everyone grabs their free steaks (I think we get 8 of them) and gets ready for the DJ and Cash give-away time. Normally, this is the one time each year when you will see me out dancing away with no fear of judgment for looking stupid. (I often dance silly and totally own that fact - I can do a mean Q-tip dance).

I even won some cash too!! Sweet! Too bad its already spent, but hopefully our Wi-Fi connection will be a bit better on our desktop now. (I totally feel a little ADD with this post...oh look a kitty...)

The evening was a great success. Michael even seemed to enjoy it - I think he just enjoys watching bankers try to dance.

Monday, January 5, 2009

PJ's, Ice Cream, and Lights

So, I know I've become a slacker, but I was on vacation and took it to heart by doing a whole lot of nuttin' (including updating my blog). Now that our house is back to normal, I guess I should get back in the grind of blogging.

Christmas was great this year. Among the Nephew's celebratory events included our 2nd Annual Light Watching Extravaganza. On the Saturday before Christmas (that would make it the 20th), the 4 of us dressed down in our PJ's (or pre-j's for some), stopped by Sonic for an ice cream involved beverage, and traveled around Ponca City America to look at lights.

We stopped by my mom's house so she could document the occasion for us. How awesome is her fireplace??? They just finished remodeling the house and it turned out beautiful.

So anyway, after looking at all the pretty lights, we drove back home. Michael and I decided to surprise the kids by seeing if they wanted to open their presents early. The kiddos quickly squealed with delight and said yes. We figured that since the kids were going to their mom's house on Christmas evening, they wouldn't have much time to enjoy their why not just open them early!?! It seemed to go over well too and definitely made the week more relaxing.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Season! Merry Christmas!! (a little late)