Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football???

Sooner football is a way of life. From a small child through my adult years, the air just seems to change when football season starts. Things seem to taste better; the air gets cooler; people are a little less annoying....because of one important thing....Sooner Football!

When I was young, my parents took my brother and me to OU Football games. I have fond memories of buying new OU paraphernalia, eating stadium hotdogs, and wanting to RUSH into the stadium in order to get a good seat! (my family still jokes with me about this statement). The weather situation was never an issue either. I'll never forget going to an OU vs. Nebraska game one year when it was bitter cold. We bought hats, gloves, and sweatshirts, and shoved our legs in trash bags to keep in our body heat but still sat through the entire game. I was MISERABLE. I remember pulling my hat over my face to keep the cold out...oh...did I mention it was snowing too?? But ya see, it didn't matter that none of us could feel our toes, ears, fingers nor did it matter that our lips were an icy blue. The important thing was that this was a BIG game and we were watching it LIVE. I now look back on this memory and think that it was somewhat crazy and a possible form of child abuse (maybe not), but nevertheless, it did instill in me that there is something extremely important about rooting for the Sooners.

Last year Michael and I were able to take Shelby and Austin to see their first Sooner game. It was OU vs. Baylor - not a monumental game by any means, but still a way for us to introduce the kids to Sooner Magic.

Austin has been sick a few days prior to the game but he really didn't want to miss it. So, he braved through and said he felt ok to go.

The boys sat together....

And the girls sat together...

The kiddos loved the opening with the band...

...but as the game started, Austin started feeling pretty bad. (You can kinda tell from the picture above with Michael) We made through halftime and then packed up and went home. Later, we found out that Austin had pnemonia! We felt horrible about the whole thing but in a way it also felt as if things had come full circle with my family tradition of torturing your kids through watching the Sooners live. BUT at least we didn't stay the entire game this time....that makes us good parents, right????

Here is a picture before the game to prove that we weren't ignoring Austin's illness...the kid looks totally normal!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whadda mean there’s no Yoda????

A few weeks ago our family traveled to Orlando, FL. We did the whole Disney scene and had a total blast.

While at Disney Studio’s, we road Star Tours. It’s a simulation ride that makes you feel like a part of the Star Wars flight scenes. Michael, Shelby, and I thought it was fun, but Austin loved it!

When we got home, Michael mentioned having a boy’s movie night and watching the real Star Wars movie. Austin was extremely excited about this idea– especially about seeing Yoda. So, the guys camped out in Austin’s bedroom...

...with popcorn in hand...

and watched Star Wars Episode IV.

After the movie was over, Michael whispered to me that there was a problem. Seems we forgot that Yoda doesn’t actually make it on screen until Episode V. During the whole movie, Austin was anticipating seeing Yoda and his acting d├ębut. Needless to say, he was rather bummed when he realized Yoda was a no show. Thankfully, two nights later, the boys had another movie night and able to see Yoda, Austin was.