Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I 'heart' Norah Jones

As I sit here, Norah Jones is playing in the background. Its melodic, gentle, folkish, and simply lovely. I have visions of being in the country in the fall, sipping sweet tea, sitting in a rocking chair on a wrap around porch. Now, I don't even really like the country THAT much - but her song, "Seven Years," just takes me away to that spot that sounds so peaceful. Probably because its on her album "Come Away With Me." Ya, that kinda makes sense.

Anyway, if her music is what country living feels like, I'm all for it. There is just a relaxing, simplistic way the songs flow. No worries about the right clothes to wear, how to wear my hair, and no need for makeup. All too often I get so caught up in the day to day happenings that seem so far from what God intended. Now, I understand that country living can be really difficult, but in my dream world right now it doesn't include a ton of land to take care of or animals to feed. MY country living includes a two story house that is still modest in size (making it easier to clean)...

...with the smell of honeysuckle that blows in the wind and sheets drying on a line outside. A place where you can stop and just enjoy the simple things that God created instead of worrying about randomness of work or what show to watch tonight.

Now - this world sounds wonderful and I know it isn't my reality. It could be, but my stupid worldly desires get in the way. What...give up my Cable, my Internet, my makeup? I NEED those things. But, I really don't. Its all those things that chain us to our sin. Its all those things that one day will be thrown out the door as Christ returns. I have such the urge to just forgo the things of this world all together, but would my kids really understand WHY? And besides...that world wouldn't probably include an iPod and that's where my Norah Jones is currently anyway....and that world CAN'T exist without her!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi, my name is Julie and I'm an addict...

Yes, that's right folks. I'm admitting it to the public. I've let a few close friends know the secret but now feel like I should announce it to my blogisphere. I'm addicted to the Twilight Saga.

They are just sooooo good. Stephenie Meyer is a great author and really draws you into the story. I started the final book, "Breaking Dawn," this past weekend. I'm really going to TRY and savor reading this one for the simple fact that I'm not 100% sure I can handle NOT having any new installments into the world of Bella and Edward. Its sad to say that I feel like these characters have turned into my friends. They just don't realize it since they never actually invited me to join in their adventures. So instead, I'll just live vicariously through their story. Yes, I know it is fiction. Yes, I know that vampires do not exist. Now ask if I care?

I'm driving my family, my co-workers, and my friends nuts! Thankfully, my dear husband is somewhat accommodating to my randomness as I ask questions about his adoration for me. Here was our conversation last night...

Me: Honey, would you protect me if a wolf was about to attack me?

Michael: What?

Me: You know, if a a wild wolf was going to attack. Would you try to save me?

Michael: (Brief Pause)....Sure, if a crazy werewolf was attacking us in our home, which is where we would be since we never leave the house, then yes, I would try to protect you.

His answer made me laugh so hard.

So anyway - read the books. They are that good. And after you read them, write your Congressmen to make it a law that Stephenie Meyer MUST keep writing about their lives. It really should be part of the Constitution. If not for the simple entertainment value of her books, then for the sanity of her devoted readers like myself. Does anyone know how to start a petition?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thankfully I don't golf!

From the moment I was welcomed into this world, the Cherokee Strip Golf Tournament has always been a bit of an issue. Since it always conflicted with the tournament, I basically can't recall a birthday when my family celebrated it on the actual day. I have grown to accept this and now actually benefit from it!!

A post or two ago, I mentioned the fact that we are big OU Fans. For the past few years, Michael and I had the privilege of attending a game once or twice a year due to my generous brother's busy schedule. He has season tickets along with a parking pass and Sooner Club Tailgate pass. The Tailgate is always a huge highlight of our trip to Norman. Free food = Happy Nephew's!

Because my brother, Jeff, has a love for golf and plays in the Strip, he is never able to go to the OU game that week. Thankfully, we aren't avid golfers and are more than happy to go to the game in his place!

This year he asked if we wanted all four tickets which we replied, "uh....YES!" (Happy Birthday to ME!) I quickly called up my Sooner lovin' friend Jamie to see if she and her hubby Jackson wanted to join us. I wasn't sure Jackson would be up for an OU game since he roots for that other Oklahoma school. After rearranging their schedule a bit, Jamie called back and said they would love to go plus it was their 11 year Anniversary - so what a way to celebrate! Michael and I always have a ball at the games, and I knew Jamie would be super fun since she's never experienced Sooner Magic at a live game before. This was going to be soooo much fun!!!

So, Saturday rolls around and we get up kinda early (for a Saturday at least) and are on the road with Starbucks in hand by 9:30ish. On the drive there, Jamie gave me a hard time about all my OU paraphernalia but you gotta represent when rooting for the Sooners!

Once in Norman, we made our way down Lindsay St to the stadium. The parking pass is for a parking garage right next (literally) to the stadium. My generous brother, in all his adding babies to the world thing, forgot to add us to "the list." This worried me at first but the guard just waved us through....although then it meant the car went into the "bomb search" line. Ya, thanks brother Jeff. Anyway, we got into our amazing parking spot, and walked over to the Tailgate party for some yummy yummy food.

Jamie and Jackson are such a cute couple!

Next was the game. We found our seats and got ready for the game. I gave Jamie a bit of pointers on how the game works....well...not so much about the football part but about OU's traditions. I was so proud when I looked over during a kickoff and saw Jamie's finger proudly pointing toward the sky and hearing her yell, "OOOOOOOOUUUUU."

Ok, so maybe that isn't Jamie's hand - but you get the idea.

Best part was that my Sooners kicked Cincinnati's tail! Score Sooners - 52 Bearcats - 26.

We wrapped up our day of fun with yummy dinner at Abuelo's. Overall, a great way to celebrate an Anniversary and a Birthday!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Holy Torpedos Batman!!

Today is Labor Day. Its a day to not get stressed out, just enjoy the day - an extra day of rest. Well, that's not how it worked out for us this morning. Michael and Shelby surprised me with a new discovery in our garage.

Ok, now remember, our garage isn't JUST a garage. It is our laundry room, wood working area, holder of misc hodge podge of junk and all our Christmas supplies, oh and we store my car in there too. But the most important thing on this list is it is our laundry room. We are out there A LOT. So we need to feel safe - very safe in fact - in this space that is sometimes as hot as a sauna in the desert and other times as cold as an Eskimo playing ice hockey in the Alaskan mountains of wherever.

So back to the story. Michael and Shelby walk me to the garage and point up toward the roof line. Its not the best lighting but you can see "something." I ask them what is that and Michael informs me that he THINKS its a bat.


Oh so gross - oh so nasty!!!!

Michael takes a picture of the ugly thing with the flash so he could see if it really was a bat...uh....ya....TOTALLY a bat.

I quickly get on the computer and use my trusty friend Mr. Google. He always has the answers. Mr. Google says that basically bats are not dangerous UNLESS they have rabies....but there is no real way for us to tell if it has rabies or even tell if it is alive without actually touching it with something. BLEH - still gives me the heebie geebies! So, since Mr. Google freaked me out more (especially with gross bat pictures) we call Michael's brother David up. He knows about this stuff - he should work for Mr. Google. Anyway, he basically tells us to wait it out until dark and poke it with a stick at night and hopefully it will fly out of the garage. So, we decide to wait...and go to Burbank for the afternoon. (we had plans - we weren't fleeing our home due to the bat infestation - we were going anyway...promise)

So fast forward the day.....we get home all worried about the stupid, nasty bat that has invaded our garage and what do we find???? NO STINKIN BAT!!!! Its gone, gone I tell you. Nowhere to be found. It could be in the attic, somewhere else we haven't thought of yet or just flew out and is now recruiting his buddies to come join the new bat house located in the Nephew's garage. Still gives me the creeps!!! But for some reason, not knowing where it is makes it easier to do laundry out there. Its like, I don't have a place to look and get freaked out. I just have to be a big girl and suck it up and say, "that stupid bat ain't gunna get me down!"

Ya, that's soooooo easier said than done!