Monday, March 30, 2009

Life Change Chronicles - Back on Track

Day 4ish....not including the weekend of indulgence.

So, I didn't gain the 5 lbs I predicted...only gained 2 lbs. I'm sick of cake and am totally craving a big salad with grilled chicken. I think that is a good thing, right?

So, same ol' same ol' this morning....

Worked out on the Wii Fit for 3o minutes. Hopefully, I can work out an additional 30 minutes tonight after dinner...or possibly while dinner is cooking. That would be extra awesome if I could do that. Talk about some major multi-tasking!

Breakfast consisted of the ever popular "Green" Stuff. It was actually almost a shade of green this time. I don't know what I did differently though.

Lunch will be a Lean Cuisine meal and probably some apple sauce.

Snack - Luna bar. They are pretty yummy.

Dinner will be baked chicken, brown rice, and veggies.

I just gotta get more water in my system. That's a big weakness of mine...well...that and my love for all things sweet.

I'm not giving up in my quest to be America's Next Top Model!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Life Change Chronicles - Day 3

I didn't work out this morning. Instead I cooked some yummy, fat filled crescent roll thingies for work. We are celebrating one of my co-workers birthday's today.

I did weigh though - and I'm down 0.7 lbs. WOO HOO!

Height - same as far as I that would stink if you woke up one morning and was considerably shorter than the previous day.

Food - this weekend is going to be rough. We are celebrating Shelby's birthday tonight (she turns 14 today! Happy Birthday Shelby Girl!), celebrating Michael's mom's birthday tomorrow (unless the Blizzard that is heading our way cancels the party) and celebrating Austin and Shelby's birthday with my family on Sunday....that's a lot of cake....

And as for my eats of the day....
Breakfast - snacked on a bit of everything at "Green" stuff today. I will regret this fact.
Lunch - may skip it since I snacked throughout the morning (aka ate a lot this morning).

Snack - probably won't be one.

Dinner - Pizza (this isn't going to be an easy day!)

Snack - Bday cake

Prediction - gaining 5 lbs over the course of the weekend....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life Change Chronicles - Day 2

I'm tired and a smidgen cranky and my hubby will read this and say, "I told ya so..."

Weight - no change (yeah!)
Height - 5"4' (or is it 5'4"....I always get those confused but the second one is looking right...oh well)
Workout - 30 minutes of Wii Fit in the AM consisting of jogging, hula hooping, and stepping.

(actually it was 32 minutes but I didn't want to sound like I was bragging or something)

Breakfast - "Green" Stuff (again, still not actually green)

Lunch - Lean Cuisine Pita Sandwich w/ a few chips and unsweetened apple sause...Plus a glass of water....I even drank the whole thing. Yeah me.

Snack - Granola Bar

Dinner - Fahitas that my awesome hubby prepared. Oh so good!!

Dessert - Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich and some chocolate stuff (shouldn't have had it all)

Clothes - Lavender (AKA Signature color) bank shirt that is fitting a little looser these days and black pants that feel comfy too.

Good times, people. Good times...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Idea - The Life Change Chronicles

Well, I haven't been blogging much, and honestly, I think it is all due to my month of blogging in November. I totally got burned out. I've been trying to think of ways to stay motivated in keeping up with a journal about our family's life in Ponca City America, but its difficult sometimes.

Currently, hubster and I have gotten into a small health kick - well - my kick is a bit smaller than his. I am so proud of that man. He is a working out machine!!! Last night I came up with the idea that I should blog about our adventure of weight about some accountability!!! Anyway, so today starts my first day of chronicling my life change adventure.....

(I know you are probably having heart palpitations from the excitement of it all)

So, lets start at the beginning of the day....that's always a good way to start.

6:15 AM (OUCH) - dreaded alarm goes off

6:45 AM - after two snooze hits, I finally drag out of bed

7:00 AM - weigh on the Wii Fit...lost approx 2 lbs...sweetness!!! (now remember, you don't know that I had gained 1.5 lbs the day before...we are just happy about the loss)

7:05 AM - workout on the Wii Fit (I know I know - doesn't sound all that like exercise when you are playing a video game, but don't knock it til you try it!!)

7:40ish AM - get ready to face the world with a bright smile and warm heart. (ya, I just threw up a little from that statement too)

Breakfast - "Green" stuff - basically it is a fruit smoothie with some extra healthy stuff

Lunch - "The" Salad from Daily Grind...probably not the best thing to eat since it has melted cheese, but it also has a TON of veggies so I think they even each other out.

Snack - Big Pink Cookie from Daily Grind that I SOOOOOOO shouldn't have eaten...but at least I'm keeping it real with my journal.

Dinner - White Chili with lots of veggies and ground turkey. Very yummy and good for me too!

Snack - No idea yet, but I'm sure I'll want some sort of snack after church tonight.

Now if I could just drink more water....