Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Case of Randomness

I received this "survey" on my facebook page, but figured I could post it here too!!

Basically - just list 25 random facts about yourself. So, here it goes...

1. This is my 3rd time at typing this out. My first two attempts were eaten by the Internet monsters. I’m still a little peeved about it too.

2. It took two failed attempts at this task to make me realize that I should type it in Word first.

3. I was really funny in my first two attempts.

4. Hopefully, I will be funny in this try as well.

5. I have a lot of nicknames. Michael calls me Julz or Julinator, Vic calls me JuJu, Mom calls me The Jewel, Suzy, or Suzy Q (I don’t know why), my dad called me Tootette, and my loving brother calls me by the ever affectionate term of Butthead.

6. I have played a few different instruments in my life including the recorder (haha), piano, cello, flute, and piccolo.

7. I’ve held 3 different job positions during my 7 ½ years at the bank.

8. I love my kids. Even though they may not be my blood, they are still 100% my children, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

9. I can pretty much always see the “other side” to an argument. I may not agree with the other side, but I normally see it and will explain why that person may be feeling a certain way.

10. I also question things a lot. I want the facts so I can form my own opinion. I think this comes from having a history of attorneys in the family.

11. By getting married, I have learned that not everyone wants to hear the “other side” and sometimes just want to be heard. This is difficult for me. I want to fix the situation.

12. My favorite color is red but I look best in lavender. I call it my signature color since I always get compliments when I wear it. A lavender day is always a good day!

13. If I can’t sleep, I count. I don’t count sheep because I start visualize them jumping over a fence and that gets me dizzy…so I just count. I know this sounds weird/funny, but it works!

14. In high school, I traveled a lot…it just wasn’t ever with my family. Between band, chorale, and other touring groups, I was able to visit most of the South Eastern states, along with Texas, Illinois, England, and Wales.

15. I’m the loud one.

16. I love card making and hope to one day be a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator…anyone want to have a party??

17. I wish everyone could just get along. Why is there always backstabbing, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings? I always want to fix these situations.

18. My spiritual gift is exhortation. Definition: Language intended to incite and encourage; advice; counsel; admonition. An earnest attempt at persuasion.

19. I can find enjoyment out of almost every type of music.

20. I once won a lip contest in the mall. You had to “kiss” a post-it note and people voted on the best pucker. I won some Origins bath salt scrub.

21. We have two dogs – Maddie and Panda. Panda tends to have accidents in the back area of the living room. We have gated that area off so they can’t get back there. For some reason, she hasn’t taken up peeing elsewhere yet. Dogs are strange.

22. One of my all-time favorite Bible verses is Phil 4:6-7. It gives me such peace.
(6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.)

23. In high school, my BFF Jenny and I started our own business called Memory Mats. Basically, we took picture mats and decorated them to show different high school events. We even made up our own logo for the business. Her father was our investor and our only clients were our mom’s. Even so, they were still really cute!

24. Michael and I planned our wedding around football season. Oct 15 was the perfect date – no home game for OU or OSU (which was also a plus for many of the guests). We contemplated showing the OU game during the reception, but it wasn’t starting until later in the evening (plus might have been a smidgen tacky….nah…my family would have loved it!)

25. I haven't had a haircut in over a year. I need one but can't decide on a style plus I feel like its almost a waist of money since it will just keep growing. (and Yes, I know this is dumb to think this way)

Friday, February 13, 2009


$0.46. That's the amount that was owed on my credit card. A credit card that I don't use.

(Dave Ramsey anyone?).

My McAfee antivirus is scheduled for automatic renewal, and I plum forgot that it was attached to this unused card. So, after a $15 late fee and a letter stating that they couldn't get in touch with me, I realized that maybe I should take a look at the account. I shell out the $50 balance and make a mental note to check on any finance charges that may appear after the payment (they always do!).

So today, I log into the account and my balance shows a whopping $0.46. I go to make an online payment and the stupid system won't let it go through for less than $1.00. Hmm...why would I pay more than I owe?? I'm not planning on using this card as a savings account, so I call the company....

After canceling my attempt at phone payment (that included a fee of $15!! -crazy person say what??), I quickly pressed '0' to speak with a live person. While twiddling my thumbs, I listened to some groovy elevator music for a good 5-10 minutes. All this time, I'm preparing my case, going back and forth on what route to go.....do I stay pleasant and ask nicely? Do I sound professional and commanding? Do I cry and tell them what an injustice this fee is?

After the eternity of hold time, I finally get a gal on the phone. We will call her Gladys. Ms. Gladys was very pleasant. YEAH! I got a nice one. So, I simply say, "Gladys, I think it is silly to mail you guys a $0.46 check. Can you help a girl out??" My BFF then quickly giggled and said, "No problem, we will credit your account." She even mentioned the fact that it would be silly to waist a perfectly good check on $0.46.

I 'heart' her.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's In a Name?

I think the name "Julie" sounds weird. I can say that because its mine. When I call someone named Julie, it sounds normal, but when talking about myself, it just sounds weird. If I had made it out of my mom's tummy a boy, I would have been named "Jay." I think Julie is so much more fitting (even if it sounds weird).

According to Think Baby Names, my name has a French origin and means "youthful." Oh so fitting, don't ya think? When I searched for the origin of "Jay," I found that it has a Latin origin meaning "jaybird" or "song bird." It could also come from another Latin word that means "happy." So either way, very fitting I would say. I'm totally going to start telling people they are happy as a jaybird now too.

Funny thing is my parents picked out the names only because they start with a "J." (In my opinion, the name Jay was a total cop-out). I doubt word origins were at the top of their priorities at the time. We are a family of "J" names. Actually, we are a family of "J.E" names. We have John Edward (aka Dad, Father, Daddy, Daddio), Jen Ellen (aka mom, momma, mother, mama mia), Jeff Edward (aka the brother, Beavis), and Julie Elizabeth (aka ME - totally rad chickadee).

Another fun tidbit for all you trivia fans is the fact that all of our initials spell my mom's first name (well, mom's doesn't anymore). Even when I got married, my initials didn't change - oh so fun and probably the #1 reason I knew Michael was the one for me.

(ok, I'm kidding on the last part....kinda...)

Names become so important. They become a part of who you are. People identify the name with your personality, with your character. How often do you hear someone say, "Oh, I can't name my child "Jillian" because I grew up with a girl named that?" (or some other reason) The name becomes the person.

So, hi, my name is Julie....I guess that makes me youthful at heart with a little bit a weird mixed in for good measure.