Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Back?

Well, its been far too long since my last post. So many things have happened....mostly good stuff.

We sold a house and moved into a new one. Fantastic blessing! It is actually the house my father grew up in. I have such wonderful memories of family gatherings in it, and now we can add more and more memories and stories. Its a great house to entertain, and we have already put it to use a few times.

My holiday shopping is almost complete. Just a few odds and ends left. I've almost completed my Christmas Cards and geared up for some a baking extraveganza Friday evening. I wasn't going to share my Christmas photo until after my cards are sent, but not many people read this blog anyway and its just such a cute pick...I'll go ahead and share!

So, hopefully come the New Year, I'll start blogging more. Life just needs to slow down a bit!!



Jamie said...

Yeah you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bout time. ha

Melanie said...

Julie - I read your comment on my cooking blog and was so excited to see it! Of course I remember you! Those were some fun times at East Junior High (was that the name of the junior high??). I wish I was better at keeping in touch with all you girls (like Holly, Julie Nigh, Tami, Angelia, etc.). I'd love to know what everyone is up to.

That is a beautiful family picture. Thanks for commenting!