Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just had the worst customer service experience ever...well...not really EVER, but it did tick me off.

I am so so so happy that I am not, repeat, AM NOT a Dish Network customer. If I was, and had experienced my story today, I would promptly discuss the matter with my sweet hubby and get us to switch to Direct TV. (which is our network of choice).

Ok, now realize my experience was actually work related and it included me calling Dish Network to figure out a charge on my customer's account. It isn't a "personal" matter, but after my experience...I'm taking it personally!!

DISH OPERATOR: Hello, this is Craig how may I help you today (in an extreme, totally over-caffeinated, happy tone)

ME: Yes, I have a mutual customer who has a charge on their account that we would like to research the origins to. (in a nice, friendly tone, but definitely not too pushy)

DISH OPERATOR: (almost interrupts my above statement) what's the customer's phone number?

ME: (giving the digits...) My customer wasn't aware of a fee for the set up.

DISH OPERATOR: Yes, it looks like that is our $49.99 processing fee. Let me check our recording to make sure that this fee was disclosed during the sales agreement with the customer...(again, just a wee bit TOO familiar with having to say those exact words)


DISH IDIOT: Yes, we have it on recording that we disclosed this fee (rambling crap, blah blah blah)....he goes on and on about that the fee would stick and they would not refund it per his supervisor's advice etc.

ME: (interrupting his rambling) could you explain what the fee is for? (again, in a couteous tone)

DISH IDIOT: (speaking more quickly than should be humanly possible) Its a processing fee where we have to generate the account number and get the paperwork ready for the equipment to be installed....

ME: (thinking...you have got to be kidding...you charge $50 to generate an account number and make an appointment?????).....so, its basically a frivolous fee? (mind you, I didn't say this in a jerky tone AT ALL...my customer even said so)

DISH JERK: NOW NOW Ma'am, there is no need to use such harsh language. Those fees are necessary and were completely disclosed to the customer at the time of the set up and they will not be refunded so thank you and have a good day....click....

ME: (IN TOTAL SHOCK)....he just hung up on me.....and I never ONCE uttered the words, "can the fee be refunded?"

The customer was nice to me about the whole thing (well, of course since it wasn't my fault). I had to hide my anger and total disgust for the jerk who hung up on me so that my customer didn't think I was a complete loon....but seriously?? seriously?? That conversation caused me to get a dial tone?


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